Does your company have processes or protocols that have to be taught or explained on a recurring basis by a team of instructors or managers—such as training and educating new employees? How about safety standards and policies which have to be reviewed regularly by large groups of employees? One area where video can create immediate operational efficiency is by creating videos (new hires and safety videos, for example) which eliminate the necessity of having an instructor or manager (or a larger team of people) spend their time teaching and training the same thing … over and over. We help you review the areas of your business where this level of efficiency can be created for your company.

Where Do We Get Our Ideas?

Because Open Fire is a business development company, we are continuously observing and learning from some of the best business thinkers and ideationists in the world. From Cirque du Soleil to Harvard Business School – and everything in between – we are active students of business, as much as we are creators of profitable film and media.