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Helping You Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Pioneers and Innovators in Exceptional Food Processing and Manufacturing Videos. A Family-Owned and Operated Company


Helping You Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

Pioneers and Innovators in Exceptional Food Processing and Manufacturing Videos. A Family-Owned and Operated Company


Since our founding as a family-owned company, Open Fire has continuously created specialized, growth-focused videos which cover key areas of the food processing and manufacturing industry.

There are many areas where our videos can help you grow your company.

• Instructional Presentations
• Sales and marketing
• Company Overviews
• Product processing
Corporate and divisional training
Capability demonstrations
• Employee engagement
• Client specific videos
Employee culture building
Operational and maintenance safety
• Production efficiency
• Customer audits
Sanitary and regulatory compliance
• Plant operations and openings
• Facility expansion and development

• Maintenance and operational capacity
• Construction projects
• Capital investment projects and proposals
• Corporate celebrations and special events
Employee training
• Product demonstrations
• Shareholder presentations
• Community support and engagement initiatives
GMP initiatives
Corporate value presentations
Manufacturing efficiencies and improvements
• New software rollouts
• Internship presentations
Recruiting presentations
• Student engagement initiatives.

Making it Make Financial Sense

Smart business people sometimes wonder if video is even necessary. In almost all cases, it clearly makes sense. However, in those instances where it doesn’t, we will probably be the first to say so.

Leveraging your Video Intelligently

We will show you step by step how to effectively leverage video to help you build your company. Using video wisely can be a powerful business growth tool to help you integrate the key messages of your business across your entire marketing, advertising, and branding platforms.



Business Development First

Business Development First

Open Fire Media is a business development company, therefore we understand the importance of carefully thinking through the value proposition (and the corresponding financial spend) created by video. We not only help you through this thinking process, but we do so with complete objectivity. If the project doesn’t make business sense, we won’t do it. And we’ll be the first to say so.

Start Small

Don’t let the idea of using videos to create growth for your company overwhelm you. We won’t let it. In almost all cases, we recommend starting small. And with Open Fire’s Media Maximizer Audit and Media Maximizer Map, we do the heavy lifting of helping you find the right project to start with.


Trust on Top of Trust

Trust on Top of Trust

We film in many highly confidential settings for companies who produce products and services for global clients. In addition to NDAs, we have very strict policies regarding the footage we capture for clients’ projects.

No footage ever leaves our files (or is viewed by any third party) without our client’s express, written permission


With our clients, we develop and manage the entire video process—from ideation to execution. This allows our clients and their employees to stay focused on growing their business, while we provide them with highly customized media assets they can use to enhance their company’s growth initiatives.

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Quickly Eliminating Operational Inefficiency Using Video.

Quickly Eliminating Operational Inefficiency Using Video.

Does your company have processes or protocols that have to be taught or explained on a recurring basis by a team of instructors or managers—such as training and educating new employees? How about safety standards and policies which have to be reviewed regularly by large groups of employees? One area where video can create immediate operational efficiency is by creating videos (new hires and safety videos, for example) which eliminate the necessity of having an instructor or manager (or a larger team of people) spend their time teaching and training the same thing … over and over. We help you review the areas of your business where this level of efficiency can be created for your company.

Where Do We Get Our Ideas?

Because Open Fire is a business development company, we are continuously observing and learning from some of the best business thinkers and ideationists in the world. From Cirque du Soleil to Harvard Business School – and everything in between – we are active students of business, as much as we are creators of profitable film and media.

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Coast to Coast and Around the World

Coast to Coast and Around the World

We travel everywhere to create great work that helps build our clients’ companies. And because we insist that our films target specific business objectives, we travel without borders to get the footage we need to make the project great.

Getting Started with Video is Simple

With a very short phone call, we can outline the most effective way for you to begin leveraging video to help you accelerate the growth of your company.  

Please connect with us at your convenience and we’ll arrange a short, simple call.

We look forward to speaking with you!