Video Production & Business Development


Open Fire Media provides turn-key video production services for successful companies run by very busy people.

We use our 30+ years of business development experience to help smart, growing companies create uncomplicated, strategic plans for leveraging video to help them build their companies … and their bottom-line.  Our clients want a video production partner who thoroughly understands their business and can develop targeted videos that meet very specific business objectives.  Sometimes this means one video.  Sometimes many.

Whether you’re looking to create a corporate video for your next tradeshow, a short commercial to send out to all your clients, or a video for your homepage that tells your company’s amazing story – Open Fire is dedicated to helping you get the very most for your money by creating a video that’s exactly what you’re looking for – and then some.


The painstaking, deeply-rich research we do in preparing video ideas for our clients gives us the ability to create fresh, unique concepts perfectly aligned with the goals of the video.  Every time.  


Our video production process starts with us doing nothing … except listening to you, your thoughts, and exactly what you’d like to accomplish with your video.  We use this as the baseline for developing the entire idea – from concept to finished product.  We then blend in our extensive experience in the creative business to generate our recommendations and ideas for the perfect video.


From 3,000 feet in the air to 100 feet under water – and everything in between – the scope of our filming capacity is extensive.  Because we have the right film tools – and the creative horsepower to maximize their potential – we create affordable videos that work.

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